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Letters of Spiritual Direction to a Young Soul - Letter Forty-nine

April 22, 2021

Tonight we began letter 49 on facing the burdens and responsibilities of life.  These realities, St. Theophan tells Anastasia, are not to be seen as obstacles to a holy life or doing God’s will.  In fact, it is by God’s providence that we are presented with the work and station in life that we have embraced.  It is the disposition of the mind and heart that is most important.  The meanest and smallest of tasks of life or the most demanding of duties must be done as if received from God’s hand and with the constant remembrance of Him.  We cannot allow what we do become abstracted from that relationship as if it could exists independently from God and outside of the action of His grace.  God is everywhere and in every occupation.  It is He that we should be looking for in ever set of circumstances and we must receive every person as if we were receiving Him. Worldly standards must not direct our actions.  Rather we must put on the mind of Christ in order that we might approach all things with a selfless love and absolute desire to do the Father’s will.  Any occupation that makes that impossible or threatens it in some fashion should be avoided.


Text of chat during the group:

00:16:29 carolnypaver: Different translation from the one we did before?

00:16:38 renwitter: Yes

00:17:11 carolnypaver: Will you let us know when we can pick up?

00:17:26 renwitter: Yep! Absolutely

00:17:53 carolnypaver: Awesome!

00:42:31 Miron: “Be careful that when you say ‘I’m too busy’ that you don’t really mean that ‘I don’t believe in the possibility of my own transformation’ (in Christ)” Archimandrite Maximos

00:54:13 Eric Williams: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

00:55:21 Erick Chastain: I think the mic should work now if there's time

01:06:16 renwitter: The beautiful thing about accepting our work as something given to us by the Lord, and done for his sake, is that that reality is not dependent on the nature of the work, right? The Politician’s job is as much God-given as that of the Father in the home.

01:15:20 Fr. John (Ivan) Chirovsky: It is also liberating to realize that the Lord is the one who will appreciate, thank or reward us; and this, in a way that ia always perfectly sinless and just.

01:15:53 Eric Williams: I found the proper attribution for what I said earlier. Greek lyric poet Archilocus (c. 680–645 BC) wrote, “We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” It seems to have gained modern attention after being partially misquoted by a Navy SEAL.

01:28:47 renwitter: Down with cell phones!! (But seriously, can texting be obliterated from the face of the earth. Those little dings. . . . its like audio water torture)

01:29:18 Daniel Allen: agreed haha

01:29:22 Joseph Muir: Turn off the sound-effects😂

01:32:02 Daniel Allen: what’s the next book?

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